Average Startup CEO Salary In 2022

2022 Startup CEO Salary Report
At Kruze, we work carefully with founders as they elevate important amounts of enterprise capital funding for their businesses. Included in the equation that VCs use to make investment selections is CEO salaries, and skilled startup CEOs understand that. VCs expect startup CEO salaries to be “just proper,” but usually present restricted steering on what that really means. Every 12 months we analyze CEO pay at hundreds of early-stage companies to attempt to assist our shoppers set “reasonable” salaries and compensation for themselves.

For 2022, we analyzed CEO pay at over 250 seed and venture-funded startups, and we seen an interesting development taking form. While the overall common emerging company CEO salary moved up, there is a bifurcation in salary developments primarily based on how much capital the companies raised. Read on to see the typical CEO salary, detail on how CEO pay differs as firms increase rising quantities of capital, salary information by firm business – and more!

Also, try our Startup CEO Salary Estimator device on the right. This tool may help founders estimate reasonable pay based on the amount of capital that they’ve raised, the stage of their enterprise (Seed, Series A, B, and so forth.), and their company’s trade.

For 2022, the typical startup CEO salary elevated by 2.7% from 2021 ranges to $150,000, while the median increased to $140,000. That average represents a 7.9% enhance in pay from 2020, when Chief Executive Officer compensation dipped due to COVID. The increase in CEO pay for 2022 brings again the overall, “up and to the right” trend that we’ve observed in the average CEO (and founder) pay since 2018. The table beneath reveals average and median salaries since 2018. And if you’re interested in how COVID impacted compensation in 2020, skip to How Did the Covid Pandemic Affect CEO Salary?

Average Startup CEO Salary to Average Startup CEO Salary $130,000 $142,000 $139,000 $146,000 $150,000 Median Startup CEO Salary $125,000 $131,000 $130,000 $135,000 $140,000 The evaluation comes from an anonymized dataset comprising greater than 250 venture-funded startups and representing greater than $2.5 billion in funding. Startups in the research represent a number of industries, including Biotech, eCommerce, EdTech, FinTech, HealthTech, Hardware, SaaS and more.

Average Startup CEO Salary Calculator
We’ve compiled data from over 250 seed and VC-backed startups to provide our Startup CEO Salary Calculator. This calculator will present you an estimated range of compensation for a startup CEO based mostly on the amount of funding that the company has raised, the stage of the corporate (i.e. Seed, Series A, Series B, and so forth.), and the company’s business. Most early-stage, non-CEO founders are often paid about the same quantity as the CEOs, so founders can use this to estimate compensation as well.

Salaries Levels by Venture Funding Raised
As you would anticipate, startup CEO salaries vary by the quantity of venture/seed funding that the companies have raised. Companies which have raised decrease amounts of funding, on average, have decrease CEO compensation. In 2022, chief executives at early-stage corporations that have raised over $10 million in financing had been paid slightly below 2 hundred thousand dollars a 12 months, $199,000. Founder CEOs at companies which have raised underneath $2M were paid $106,000 on average – a difference of over $90,000. So it does pay to be good at fundraising!

CEO Salary by Total Funding Raised $0 – $2m $2m – $5m $5m – $10m $10m+ Average $106,000 $135,000 $171,000 $199,000 Min $0 $0 $0 $0 Max $350,000 $400,000 $450,000 $410,000 The Impact of the Financing Environment on CEO Compensation
Setting aside the influence from COVID in 2020, since 2018 the overall founder/CEO salary development has been up and to the right. However, the average hides some fascinating nuances which can be pushed, partially, by adjustments in the fundraising environment in late 2021/early 2022.

Companies that raised over $5M and over $10M in funding noticed their Chief Executive Officer pay go up by 7.5% and 13%, respectively, in 2022. However, startups with extra restricted funding noticed their CEOs make less, by about 7%, than in 2021. This data means that firms with greater entry to capital pay their CEOs extra, whereas those which may be extra frivolously funded set decrease levels of compensation.

“We really feel there are three major drivers for this habits,” mentioned Healy Jones, VP of Financial Planning & Analysis for Kruze. “Firstly, and most obviously, corporations with extra funding are higher capable of pay their CEOs. If fundraising doesn’t seem open to startup CEOs, they might choose to keep their burn rate low by lowering their salaries. Secondly, the increased CEO salaries recognizes that these CEOs are more practical at fundraising, much like how compensation increases for CEOs in mature companies that generate greater income.”

“Finally, startup culture can generate strain to not take salaries,” Jones mentioned. “For the most frivolously funded tech companies, the idea of ‘ramen profitability’ encourages founders to take no salary to maintain bills minimal and make the corporate more attractive to buyers. And, after all, you could have well-known founders like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg who took little or no pay and focused on company equity for his or her compensation.”

Pay by Stage of Funding
While the unfold of compensation by stage of financing (i.e. Seed, Series A, Series B, and so forth.) is fairly broad and is extra pushed by the absolute greenback amount raised, pay does range by stage. Here is a breakdown by Series A, Series B, and so on.:

Seed Stage CEO Pay
The common seed stage founder/CEO is paid about $130,000 – nevertheless, lightly funded firms pay their CEO much less, on average. See our CEO pay calculator to extra precisely estimate the pay of a seed stage CEO/founder.

Series A CEO Pay
Again our data shows that the typical Series A CEO is pay is about $180,000 to $190,000 per yr. This compensation varies lots by trade and by quantity of funding raised, so use our calculator to estimate what is an affordable compensation unfold for your explicit scenario.

Series B CEO Pay
Series B CEOs are paid, on common, about $250,000 to $260,000 – but as soon as once more, there is a large vary of compensation primarily based on the industry, amount of funding raised, etc.

CEO Compensation by Industry
Early-stage founders, particularly at seed-stage corporations, tend to have CEO compensation ranges that change based on the industry that the corporate is in. There are a variety elements that drive the difference in founder/CEO pay by business. Let’s dive into why we expect there are notable difference by industry.

Founder pay at Biotech / Pharma companies
As we’ve seen up to now, biotech and pharmaceutical firms are inclined to have the best CEO compensation, with seed funded corporations paying their Chief Executives $161,000. This is as a outcome of these founders are likely to have superior degrees, like MDs, and VCs in those spaces are inclined to respect higher compensation. However, we had been stunned that healthcare corporations had decrease founder/CEO pay. Upon digging deeper, we realized that that is because of the rise of D2C healthcare corporations, which have a tendency to appear more like SaaS businesses and fewer like a healthcare firm with a CEO who has a sophisticated diploma.

eCommerce CEO Compensation – a Surprising Uptick
The different main surprise we noticed was that eCommerce firms are paying their CEOs far more than they had up to now – $141,000 for 2022. This seems to be driven by a dramatic rise in the traction that the standard, funded eCommerce company has. Several years ago, many eComm companies were just getting began once they have been seed funded. Today plainly most eCommerce firms wait till they have meaningful traction – by means of income – earlier than looking for funding.

SaaS and Fintech CEO Pay – Reverting to the Average
This year’s SaaS and Fintech founders are back to paying themselves more or less the everyday quantity of compensation, at $123,000 and $127,000 per year, respectively. This stage of pay makes sense, given the low amount of funding and modest traction that the majority of most of these firms have on the seed stage.

Hardware CEO Salaries – Below the Average
Hardware firms tend to require larger than average quantities of venture capital funding to get to a meaningful dimension. As such, their founders and CEOs, a minimum of on the most early levels, often draw decrease than average salaries – in 2022, $112,000 per 12 months.

CEO Salary: Men vs Women
Female startup CEOs continue to lag behind their male counterparts in salary in 2022. This continues a corporate trend that began in 2019. According to a Morningstar evaluation of C-suite pay, from 2015 to 2019 the gender pay gap for CEOs had been narrowing. However, during the COVID pandemic in 2020 the pay hole expanded again throughout company America, and our analysis on startup firms additionally reflects that pattern. Female CEOs took a 30% reduction in salary on the peak of the pandemic ($101,000 compared to $138,000 in 2019), whereas the salaries for male CEOs elevated ($146,000 in comparability with $143,000 in 2019). We had hoped that this expanded distinction would shrink in our 2022 information, but sadly it didn’t.

CEO Pay Male Salaries $143,000 $146,000 $148,000 $153,000 Female Salaries $138,000 $101,000 $132,000 $133,000 Gender Pay Gap for Female CEOs Persists
Female startup CEOs proceed to lag behind their male counterparts in salary, and their average paycheck continues to be 3.7% below the height in 2019. The following yr common CEOs salaries for ladies dropped by 30%, from $138,000 to $101,000, and nonetheless has not rebounded from that drop. In 2022, female CEOs made $20,000 less than males.

Between 2020 and 2021, feminine startup leaders added $31,000 to their salaries, on common, however 2022 saw solely a nominal enhance of $1,000 yearly for female CEOs. Male CEOs noticed a $5,000 salary improve. Looking by year, for every dollar in salary males earned, feminine CEOs earned:

* 2019: $0.96
* 2020: $0.69
* 2021: $0.89
* 2022: $0.86

“The setback in salaries for feminine startup CEOs is troubling, particularly contemplating that the market was a lot closer to parity in 2019, previous to the COVID crisis,” mentioned Vanessa Kruze, CEO of Kruze Consulting. “Early-stage firms, in addition to all other firms, should consider their insurance policies to find out how the gender pay gap increased within the last three years, and see what steps they will take to higher assist female leaders.”

Good Leadership Matters
CEOs are always on duty, and startup CEOs are much more in demand than the leaders of mature companies. Every stakeholder of the startup typically wants direct contact with the CEO, and startup CEOs can’t delegate everything. They’re responsible for fundraising, reporting to the board and different stakeholders, offering path to the company, and making operational choices. The average salary increase in early-stage company CEOs follows general enterprise developments – in accordance with The Conference Board, a non-profit analysis organization, salaries normally are projected to extend by 3.9% in 2022.

Kruze Consulting continues to advise founders to merely accept salaries as quickly as they’ve acquired funding. An applicable compensation construction frees startup CEOs to give attention to their companies, and allows them to develop on this difficult function.

Read on to see the older Startup CEO Salary Reports that we’ve revealed over the years, plus some more of our commentary on how founders ought to method their compensation.

Salaries for CTOs
Kruze Consulting expanded its salary research in 2022 to incorporate the typical salaries paid to Chief Technology Officers (CTOs). We’ve used knowledge from over 200 seed and venture-funded startups to identify the average annual salary earned by these companies’ CTOs, and found that CTO salaries are literally larger than CEO salaries for startups within the seed stage.

Visit our CTO salary overview for a more comprehensive evaluation of CTO salaries by funding stage and trade. Startup CEO Salary Report
One of the commonest questions we get from founders is what their salary ought to be after they raise funding. To help answer that query, we analyzed CEO pay at over 250 seed and venture-funded startups. We’ve been tracking this knowledge for several years, and 2020 was the one 12 months that we’ve seen a dip in the usual CEO pay. And in 2021, the common salary popped back – but that’s not the total story, as you’ll see as we dig into the numbers.

Average Startup CEO Salary in 2021
During COVID, the average startup CEO salary dipped 2% to $139,000, however bounced again to $146,000 firstly of 2021. The 2021 number is 5% greater than the typical Chief Executive Officer pay at an early-stage firm in 2020, and so macro development of CEO compensation rising over time continues.

Of course, learn our solutions to the two logical follow up questions:

When can a startup CEO take a elevate – we’ll let you know what the data says!


*Who is the best paid individual at a startup – see who actually will get (cash) compensation at an early-stage company! *

Average Startup CEO Salary 2018 to 2021
Salary By Year Average Startup CEO Salary $130,000 $142,000 $139,000 $146,000 Median Startup CEO Salary $125,000 $131,000 $130,000 $135,000 The evaluation comes from an anonymized dataset comprising more than 250 venture-funded firms and representing greater than $2 BN in funding. Startups in the study symbolize a quantity of industries, together with Biotech, eCommerce, EdTech, FinTech, HealthTech, Hardware, SaaS and more.

How Did the Covid Pandemic Affect CEO Salary?
CEO Salary Change during COVID

As the urgency of the COVID situation decreased, and lots of early-stage companies saw their monetary state of affairs stabilize, a variety of the businesses that decreased their executive pay reversed the state of affairs.

41% of the CEOs who had their salaries reduced later increased them by the tip of the 12 months, while 47% kept their salaries flat – and 13% decreased their compensation further.

The following chart exhibits what happened to the CEOs who decreased their pay throughout COVID by the top of the year.

Percent of CEOs who deceased salary during COVID who modified salary by yr finish

In 2019, earlier than COVID, startup CEO salaries averaged $142,000. In 2020, roughly 36% of companies decreased their chief govt compensation during COVID. Many slashed their compensation to zero. And although almost half of CEOs elevated their compensation during the year, the common pay dropped by $3,000.

For 2021, the average startup CEO salary is now as much as $146,000, an increase of $4,000 from 2019 (almost a 3% increase) or 5% up from the COVID crisis of 2020.

“Many CEOs scrambled throughout COVID to try to stretch their company’s runway by slashing costs, together with their very own pay,” mentioned Scott Orn, COO of FP&A at Kruze Consulting. “However, because the year ended and tons of know-how companies recovered – and as enterprise funding continued at unprecedented levels – boards and executives felt comfortable increasing govt compensation to pre-crisis ranges.”

However, the recovery was not even.

CEO Salary Females VS. Men
Female Salary Trends Male Salaries $143,000 $146,000 $148,000 Female Salaries $138,000 $101,000 $132,000 Average $142,000 $139,000 $146,000 Compared to Their Male Counterparts, Female CEOs Took a Pay Cut During the Pandemic

Interestingly, Female CEOs were extra more likely to take a pay reduce through the pandemic. When comparing male and female CEOs, female leaders took a 30% reduction in salary on the peak of the pandemic ($101,000 in comparison with $138,000 in 2019) whereas their male counterparts noticed an increase ($146,000 in comparison with $143,000 in 2019).

Differences in Recovery

Leading into 2021, the feminine leaders moved their salaries up over $30,000 – nonetheless, the gap between male and female CEO’s salaries did not close vs 2019. Looking by yr, for every greenback in salary males earned, female CEOs earned:

* 2019: $0.96
* 2020: $0.69
* 2021: $0.89

> “The feminine executives we work with had been aggressive at taking steps to protect their companies’ money during COVID, together with drastically chopping their very own compensation”

mentioned Vanessa Kruze, CEO of Kruze Consulting.

> “And, whereas we did see many of startups with male leaders also scale back their pay, we aren’t quite positive why females were extra likely to take a pay minimize in the course of the pandemic.”

CEO Salary By Venture-Capital Funding Raised
How does CEO pay vary by the amount of venture capital raised?

$0-$2M $2M-$5M $5M-$10M $10M+ Average $114,000 $144,000 $159,000 $176,000 Minimum $6,000 $14,000 $1,000 $1,000 Maximum $275,000 $450,000 $400,000 $440,000 The pattern of accelerating compensation being tied to growing ranges of capital raised continued – as anticipated. Seed stage salaries – for firms which have raised lower than $2 million in total funding – appear to be nonetheless recovering from the COVID crisis, and the overall pay there is down from $120,000 in 2019. However, in any respect other levels pay is sort of flat to up quite a bit.

We would advise founders to adjust their compensation as their firm raises rising amounts of funding.

How a lot ought to a Startup CEO be paid?
We analyzed the pay of over 250 startups – and the average startup CEO pay is $146,000, up 5% from the prior 12 months. Startup CEO’s pay varies by business and the quantity of enterprise capital funding the corporate has raised, with corporations which are more highly funded earning a better salary. See our full report for CEO pay bands.

We’ve been creating this startup CEO salary report for the previous several years. We’ve saved these earlier salary analyses beneath. Additionally, you can read a opinion piece by Scott Orn, Kruze’s COO, about what salaries early-stage founders ought to take after they’ve raised funding.

Why startup CEOs need to pay themselves a market salary
Scott Orn, CFA, Kruze Consulting COO

With the financial stress that comes with running a startup, the final thing a startup CEO or founder should be worrying about is how they’re going to live day-to-day.

Not only does a market salary enable you to cover the value of living and an excellent housing arrangement, it also ensures the financial stress doesn’t lead to bad selections at the firm.

We are strong advocates for CEOs and founders paying themselves a fair market salary. We’re not speaking about something extravagant, however sufficient to stay a life outside of the enterprise. Not paying yourself enough can flip you into a nasty decision-maker.

The toll of not paying yourself enough
Not paying your self a good market salary can lead to undue stress, both professionally and personally. Professionally, you need to be on top of your recreation when it comes to making the best choices on your company. Personally, you don’t want to deliver that type of stress house to your companion. Stress can create dissension in a relationship, including strain to your house life, affecting the way you relate to these you love.

As most CEOs and founders know, launching a startup means working lengthy hours, dedicating time and thought to the business’ success. This can result in less time along with your family members, which can result in resentment. Money may be the basis of problems in lots of relationships. Not paying your self a living wage can contribute to undue stress in all features of your life.

Why CEOs and founders should talk salary before signing a term sheet
One of an important conversations to have with a enterprise capitalist, earlier than you sign a term sheet, is the salary discussion.

There has at all times been an underlying (unsaid) belief that startup CEOs and founders should need to make private sacrifices and pour their blood, sweat and tears into their enterprise. VCs, after all, wished to stretch every greenback they could. Making sacrifices and consuming ramen every evening was a test of how dedicated you had been to the company.

Thankfully, that pondering has advanced. This might be as a outcome of there is more capital, or as a result of VCs have witnessed exactly what happens when a founder is underneath enormous stress and strain in their private and skilled life: they make bad selections and issues disintegrate.

That’s why it’s critical you have the salary dialogue before you signal the term sheet and close on that investment. Just like most couples should talk about important issues like cash and debt before they’re married, it’s a good idea to talk cash and salary earlier than you enter right into a “marriage” with a VC.

Not solely does it show the VC a certain stage of maturity, it units the foundation on your relationship into the lengthy run.

A salary takes the stress off
Not only does a good market salary scale back your monetary stress, it gives you a safety hatch. When you build one thing of worth and valuations are going up, you won’t thoughts doing a small secondary. Of course, you still need to be aligned with the VCs, however selling 1% of your inventory or doing a secondary sale positively relieves some additional pressure. And, if you’re making a market salary, you won’t really feel compelled to make the wrong decision for the company.

The bottom line is: Align everything in your life. One of the simplest methods to do this is pay yourself the proper amount. Use our startup CEO salary information to help peg your pay to the amount of capital that your company has raised. CEO Salary Report
We have introduced you with CEO salary knowledge the last two years. In 2019, we analyzed 125 startups. This 12 months, we took it up a notch and analyzed data from more than 250 venture-funded corporations.

In 2020, we saw salaries decline at the top of the covid pandemic. To examine, in 2019, the common startup CEO salary was $146,000, but dropped to $139,000 in the course of 2020. The similar trend was true for the median startup CEO salary. In 2019, it was $131,000 and in 2020, salaries ranged around $130,000.

SaaS was the top performing business by CEO salary in 2020. EdTech and Hardware startups saw the biggest declines in CEO salary and eCommerce startup CEO salaries went up essentially the most in 2020.

Below is our 2019 research, which we’ve left on-line for reference. Please quote the information above when referring to knowledge. Startup CEO Salary Report
Last yr, we analyzed data from a hundred twenty five startups to find that the average 2018 salary for a startup CEO was $130,000. This year, we expanded the info to over 200 of our seed and venture-backed purchasers and located that in 2019, CEO salaries rose to a mean of $142,000 yearly, almost a 10% increase.

The firms we used to determine this figure have raised collectively more than $2B in funding. They span the “typical” range of U.S. startup industries including biotech, eCommerce, fintech, hardware, SaaS and more. As we discovered last year, the highest-paid CEOs fell predominantly into the healthcare and biotech categories.

As financial and accounting consultants to tons of of funded startups, we are regularly asked by our shoppers to assist them benchmark their companies’ metrics. And, not surprisingly, compensation is among the most frequent questions. We hope this knowledge will help different early-stage companies put together their budgets!

What’s Driving the Salary Growth?
According to our founder and CEO of Kruze Consulting, Vanessa Kruze, “this year’s data signifies that startup CEOs are making round 10% more than final yr, which is to be expected since funding rounds increased in size year over yr.”

The largest growth in the dimension of funding raised seed rounds, and therefore the most important driver of salary progress, came from hardware and SaaS corporations. In 2018, CEOs of hardware startups had a mean salary of $118,000, which rose 14% to $135,000 in 2019. Meanwhile, these of SaaS corporations made on average $113,000 in 2018, which rose 7% to $121,000 in 2019.

Biotech CEO salaries remained comparatively unchanged yr over yr, coming in at $147,000 in 2019. Same with fintech at $129,000. The one decline we noticed was for eCommerce companies, who noticed their salaries dip nearly 4% in 2019.

Startup CEO Salary by Industry
Seed Stage CEO Salary by Industry (in thousands)

Industry Salary 2018, 1000’s $ Salary 2019, thousands $ Biotech/Pharm $147 $147 eCommerce $83 $80 FinTech $124 $129 Hardware $118 $135 Saas $113 $121 One trend remained the identical as final yr: the extra you elevate, the extra you receives a commission. For corporations with total funding of $2 million or less, average CEO salaries elevated just $5,000 in 2019. Companies that raised between $2 million and $5 million noticed almost an 8% improve in Chief Executive Officer salaries.

Total Funding Raised
$0-$2M $2M-$5M $5M-$10M $10M+ Average $120,000 $124,000 $162,000 $173,000 Minimum $35,000 $60,000 $20,000 $55,000 Maximum $275,000 $315,000 $410,000 $350,000 The largest development appeared among firms who raised between $5-10 million – amongst this group, common CEO salaries jumped 12% from $145,000 in 2018 to $162,000 in 2019. Startups with $10 million or more in funding saw their average Chief Executive’s pay rise 8% from $160,000 in 2018 to $173,000 in 2019.

Male vs. Female Startup CEOs: Are Men Paid More?
There’s been lots written in regards to the pay disparity between men and women in the us And in terms of the startup world, that pay gap has remained stubbornly excessive.

Still, when it comes to startup CEO pay, our knowledge reveals some good news. When we compared the salaries of male Chief Executives versus females, we discovered that the numbers had been roughly the same – $138,000 per yr for girls versus $143,000 for men.

“Wait,” you could be saying, “that’s still a $5,000 distinction.” Yes, however there’s a strong clarification. Based on our evaluation of the data, this small distinction can be defined by the reality that the feminine CEOs in our dataset are predominantly working earlier stage firms. When we look solely at Seed and Series A Chief Exec salaries, the distinction in pay between men and women practically vanishes.

Granted, for the later stage companies it’s a special story – while these CEOs tend to make extra, there are fewer female CEOs in this group. And since there is a persistent deficit within the number of female-founded startups that efficiently raise venture capital, narrowing the pay gap for early-stage CEOs is a pleasant first step however not nearly sufficient.

Below is our 2018 study, which we have left on-line for reference. Please quote the information above when referring to 2019 knowledge.

One of the most common questions CEOs ask us at Kruze Consulting is: “How a lot ought to my salary be?” Since the Kruze staff helps run startup’s books and payroll, it’s pure that we’d get this query. We looked at our payroll knowledge for over a hundred twenty five seed and venture-backed startups to give you the reply.

What do startup CEOs get paid?
$130,000 per 12 months. Our data exhibits that the typical annual salary for a CEO of a seed or enterprise backed company is $130,000. Note that our dataset is only for funded corporations, with the typical firm in this evaluation having raised between $7 and $8 million in venture and seed financing.

How does a CEO pick his/her salary?
We’ve found that there are a selection of things that may affect the salary of a startup CEO. These elements include: the whole funding raised, cash within the bank, industry, and the experience of the founder. Our analysis backs this up, however it’s necessary to say that there is no single issue that influences this choice.

How does a startups funding impression CEO salary?
Roughly, for each additional $1,000,000 raised, a startup CEO will take residence between $4,000 and $5,000 more in annual salary. CEOs at companies that have not recently raised capital have been known to dramatically scale back their salaries to find a way to preserve money, and our evaluation helps that. Startup Chief Executives with the best annual salaries tend to be operating corporations that have either recently raised capital, or are performing very well and have not raised cash for an extended time frame. Ceo Pay By Total Funding Raised
Raise More, Pay Make

Total Funding Raised

$0 – $2MM $2 – $5MM $5 – $10MM $10 – $50MM Average Salary $ $ $ $ Minimum Salary $10000 $0 $20000 $0 Maximum Salary $ $ $ $ How does a startups industry influence CEO salary?
We’ve discovered that CEOs in some industries have greater average salaries than others. CEO salaries within the Biotech and Healthcare industries tend to average more than those in other industries. Founders in those industries have a tendency to come with tutorial credentials, and former expertise, that founders in different industries don’t always have (M.D., PHD), and thus warrant the next annual salary.

Seed Stage Ceo Salaries by Industry (in thousands)

Industry Salary, 1000’s $ Biotech $158 eCommerce $83 FinTech $124 Hardware $118 Healthcare $136 DB/Info $138 Saas $113

CEOs of funded startups make many necessary selections – including compensation decisions. We hope this report simplifies your startup CEO pay decision! Expect us to publish future studies on different startup govt pay.

Interested in other information on startup spending? Visit our Uber vs. Lyft Market Share Report to see data on ridesharing from over 140 venture backed firms.

About Kruze Consulting
Kruze Consulting was founded in 2012 by Vanessa Kruze, an enormous 4 alum, startup controller and CPA. Kruze supplies Startup CFO Consulting to over 500+ startups in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, and other main startup hubs. Kruze’s purchasers have raised over $500 million in venture capital in the past 12 months, and are market main Saas, software, eCommerce, eHealth and FinTech startups. The firm handles all things Accounting, Tax, Finance, & HR: interim CFO Consulting, financial modeling, annual taxes, enterprise debt consulting, 409A reporting, bookkeeping, AR/AP, and Seed/Series A/B Fundraising Preparation. Visit kruzeconsulting.comto learn more.

The 2018 Startup CEO Salary Report was created by Healy Jones, Senior Consultant Alex Janeck and Staff Accountant Litzy Yang. Design by Lucila Romero.

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